Following the 2022 federal election, which saw minor parties and independents soar in the polls, both Victorian Labor and Liberals have slumped in the polls.


Political disparity and an aversion to major party politics is coming to define Australian election cycles.


In the midst of scandals embroiling two of the Liberal party candidates, after they espoused shocking reactionary rhetoric, will the Liberal party be able to pull together a minority government? Or will Victorian Labor maintain their majority this coming Saturday?

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Produced By: Jono Wakeley

Featured In Story: Daniel Andrews – Leader of the Australian Labor Party Victoria, Matthew Guy – Leader of the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party of Australia, Dr Zareh Ghazarian – Professor of Politics at the School of Social Sciences, Monash University , and Mark Kenny – Professor of Australian Politics at Australian National University

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 23 November 2022